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Key Techniques  

The Team members from My Child My Family have a range of training – this includes counseling, therapy and psychological intervention for adults, children and families.  Our Team includes Psychologists and other allied health professionals such as counselors who are client-centred and who work within a trauma-informed practice. 


My Child My Family provides therapy and training services for children and families. 


We also provide supervision and consultation to professionals involved in the treatment of children with a range of challenges.   

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy provides strategies to assist in many circumstances  
  • We utilise a range of Psychological Assessment techniques including standard questionnaires, rating scales and psychological testing (including cognitive assessments)  
  • Interpersonal Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Family-Therapy 
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy - this focuses on future goals as determined and controlled by the client. 
  • Psycho-educational Information is included in the therapy with parents/families - this provides a thorough understanding of the issue. 
  • Art Therapy techniques assist- which may appeal to older, more mature children. 
  • We collaborate with schools and other agencies as required. 
  • Case Consultation, Supervision and Professional Development 

Our Psychologists use Psychological Assessment techniques and Psychological Interventions that are evidence-based.  We are members of the Australian Psychological Society and undertake regular professional development to ensure we maintain high professional and ethical standards. 


Our Counsellors have appropriate registration and training in best practice counseling techniques. This includes membership of key National Professional associations in  Australia. 


Our Child Counsellors have extensive training and skill development and understand the range of childhood development. We know that working with children is a special skill that requires both experience and additional training – key techniques include child-centred play therapy as well as other modalities of play therapy depending on the individual circumstances.